Cut your 6-month recruiting cycle in half.

Our AI healthcare recruitment platform identifies the best clinical providers for long-term placement.


Manage all aspects of clinical provider recruiting in one smart platform that targets true matches at warp speed.

Here’s how Winnow revitalizes your recruiting:

Enjoy huge cost savings in your recruiting budget.

Diminish the need for numerous outside resources and internal hires. Cut your recruitment cycle in half.

Source both active and passive candidates.

How does our AI help you quickly identify high-potential candidates suited for open roles? By sifting through millions of data points among candidates, we help you find prospects who aren’t even looking.

Enhance the #1 driver of placements: physician referrals.

Our AI platform identifies candidates who are connected with your clinical providers. We make it easy to leverage more of those warm referrals (aka the holy grail of recruiting.)

Constantly learn more about your ideal candidates.

Our self-learning infrastructure bridges millions of nodes through trillions of data connections. Our sourcing tools discern which criteria matter most in predicting the candidate most likely to leave and most likely to join.

Connect with candidates as if you know them. Because you do.

Meaningfully engage with each candidate based on their individual preferences, relationships, and other helpful criteria.

Rocket your screening to the next galaxy.

Our AI-powered screening filters 750,000 profiles in seconds. The contextual search allows recruiters to build personas by teaching preferences to the powerful machine learning algorithm.

Free up time to do what you do best: recruiting.

Our applicant tracking system schedules interviews, sends automated messaging,stores and retrieves information, and much more. We offer a full view of each candidate’s professional profile while tracking and recording their journey.

Understand Winnow’s ROI through our advanced tracking and analysis.

We track each candidate’s journey – whether they end up at your company or elsewhere.

Set up Winnow quickly, use it with ease.

Our cloud-based platform needs no installation or complicated onboarding. And using it is a breeze; just select three fields and the AI does the rest. The guessing part of your job is now over.