Healthcare recruiting

is having

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Discover and engage with candidates who are truly aligned.

Synthesizing science with the art of recruiting.

Say buh-bye to the search slog.

Our AI platform captures hundreds of data points for each candidate to source true matches who may not even be looking.

Cut to the chase with predictive modeling.

We instantaneously analyze data so that you can focus on the most targeted candidates.

Enrich your engagement.

Predictive insights help you better connect with the best candidates.


 The Winnow buzz is building…

“We overspend on tools only to be left with no attributable hires. There doesn’t seem to be any solution that helps my recruiters identify who’s willing to go where.”

Chief People Officer

Large health group

“I worry about the motivation of candidates who are actively looking. Knowing many of our candidates sourced through Winnow are passive makes a big difference to the quality and longevity of these hires.”

Chief Financial Officer

Regional health system