Hedy Health

We are healing healthcare.

Our mission: Disrupt without being disruptive.

Yes, digital innovation can be easy.

Hedy Health is an automated suite of solutions that modernizes the administration of your healthcare business.


Because you don't have the bandwidth to reinvent your practice and departments. But you know that your operations are buckling under the weight of antiquated functions.

Like physician recruiting.

And clinician staffing.

And ambulatory coding.

We're a team of world-class data scientists and healthcare leaders who are combining forces to drive the evolution of healthcare.

We have built elegant solutions to common back office problems. And these shifts are awakening health systems and physician practices to whole new paths for growth.

Change can be daunting. But we make it painless.

Because breakthroughs in the business of healthcare shouldn't ever break your business.

Get ready for Hedy Health. We can't wait to meet you.