We don’t do wild goose chases.

Clinical provider recruiting is outdated and antiquated.

Healthcare organizations have too much at stake to rely on the usual recruiting tactics that are slow, costly, and often ineffective.

It’s high time for a revolution.

We developed Winnow to empower recruiters. Our AI platform helps you efficiently navigate so that you can focus on what you do best: recruiting.

Winnow was founded by SwitchPoint Ventures, an AI venture studio that partners with business leaders across industries to drive rapid technological innovation. Our team’s decadelong experience working together is its core strength. Together, we’ve built hundreds of AI solutions across industries and successfully managed and exited our legacy AI-powered healthcare company. With a brain trust that includes award-winning data scientists and leaders in strategy and operations, SwitchPoint achieves industry breakthroughs and delivers bottom-line impact.

Meet Our Team

Paul Vernich

Chief Executive Officer

Ray Guzman


Damian Mingle

Data Science

Ben Allen

Customer Success

Nolan Rhem


Andre Louie

Head of Product

Walton Denton


Shanna Belott